Why buy from TCS Suspension?

TCS Suspension is second to none in quality, fit and finish.

How is my order shipped?

Our orders are shipped by UPS ground, unless the shipment’s total weight exceeds 350lbs or tires larger than 35″ are ordered, then it will have to be shipped truckline freight to a commercial address.

Which direction should the shims on my leaf springs face?

On vehicles with leaf springs mounted over the axles, the fat or tall part of the shim should face towards the bumper (i.e. the tall part of the shim on the rear leaf spring should face the rear bumper and vice versa for the front.) On vehicles with the leaf springs mounted under the axle, the fat or tall part of the shim should face towards the center of the vehicle.

Why is the listed rear lift height less than the front?

The majority of factory pickups set about two inches high in the rear when empty. This is so the truck’s rear end will not be excessively low when the truck is loaded. With most people that lift their rigs, towing and load carrying is not a priority – lifted performance, tire clearance, and vehicle “look” are the primary issues. A more level stance is desired, and extra room is needed on the front, so the tires can clear the fenders when turning. Also, a more even front-to-rear attitude improves an unladen vehicle’s weight distribution which generally improves its handling when not carrying a load. Note that on most applications you have the option of altering rear lift height and /or method.